BDP Rentals in Torbay rents and sells construction, industrial and residential equipment to best fit the needs of our customers.  Our rental products are user friendly to a veteran contractor or a weekend handyman. We strive to provide quality rental equipment as well as courteous customer service at a fair price, and are centrally located to help everyone with their projects – from large scale industrial sites to our customers backyards!

Check out all our construction, industrial, and residential equipment available for rent in St. John’s and surrounding areas!

Boom Lifts

Elevated platforms for reaching high places, ideal for outdoor construction and industrial applications.

Scissor Lifts

These vertical lift platforms are ideal for indoor or outdoor work at moderate heights.


Versatile lifting machines, a telehandler combines the advantages and abilities of a forklift and crane.

Mini Excavators, Forklifts, & Tracked Wheelbarrows

Tools for lifting, digging, excavating, and easy moving on rough terrains.


Provide electricity on-site, essential for powering tools and lights where no power source is available.


These power sources are perfect for pneumatic tools and essential for many tasks.


Equipment for fusing materials, crucial in metalworking and construction.

Concrete Equipment

The tools and machines your operation needs for handling, mixing, and laying concrete.

Construction Tools

A broad range of hand and power tools from tampers and sanders to grinders and scrapers, for all construction phases.


We have all the right lights to help with illuminating construction sites, especially for night work and site security, or indoor areas.

Dehumidifiers, Heaters & Fans

Control moisture levels and temperatures for drying out spaces, equipment care, and worker comfort.


Used for moving water, the right pump can be a lfesaver and a crucial tool in dewatering and many other fluid handling tasks.

Garden Tools

The perfect equipment for a wide range of landscaping and garden maintenance tasks.


High-pressure washers for cleaning construction equipment, vehicles, and surfaces.

Miscellaneous Construction Rentals

Various other equipment for supporting your construction projects.